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- Ultrafiltration plants
Ultrafiltration systems  are designed for purifing water from suspended solids, substances , micro-organisms such as algae, bacteria, virus and germs.

установка ультрафильтрации

- Reverse Osmosis plants
We design and build tailor-made reverse osmosis  plants for  different applications from deep water purification up to seawater disalination.

обратный осмос

- Containerized  equipment stations
We design and build tailor-made mobile containerized stations designed for different applications from deep water purification up to seawater disalination. 

модульные и передвижные комплексы очистки воды

- Deironing water  plants
Intended for removing from water iron and manganese.

Станция обезжелезивания воды

- Softening water plants
Softening water plants are intended for decrease in rigidity of water and removal of salts of calcium and magnesium. Automatic work. 

Станция умягчения воды

- Sorption water treatment stations
Sorption water treatment stations purification from chlorine, organic chemistry and elimination of an unpleasant smell of water. Automatic work.

станции сорбционные

- Disk filters
Disk filters serve for removal of not dissolved particles from water: sand, scale, rust, etc. Filters work in an automatic mode.

Фильтры механической очистки воды

- Screen filters
Screen filters are intended for water purification from mechanical inclusions: sand, scale, rust and etc. Automatic work. 

сетчатые фильтры

- Separator  - hydrocyclone
Separators (hydrocyclones) are intended for rough mechanical water purification from sand, dregs, pebbles and scale. Automatic mode. 

Сепараторы - гидроциклоны

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