Representation in 10 regions across Russia
Center of industrial water treatment
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NPC PromVodOtchistka designs water supply, water and waste water  treatment systems. As well  we provide our clients services such as TX, AC, BK, OB, OOC, POS and etc.

We can offer:
• Design of water supply systems
• Water treatment stations design
• Design of waste water tretment  systems and complexes
• Design of inductrial water treatment  plants
• Distribution  pipeline and water supply net design
• Designing of water intake
• Development of processing lines

We take care of design estimates for the following directions:
• Sewage purification facilities   
• Storm sewage treatment facilities
• Pumping stations for water supply  and sewage systems
• Water treatment plants
• Municipal water pipelines and sewage systems  as well for inductrial plants
• Division facilities
• Water pipeline and sewage systems for housing, office building and industrial plants
• Reconstruction plans, current  treatment faciliries modernization


- We have been certified with ISO 9001-2008


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