Representation in 10 regions across Russia
Center of industrial water treatment
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NPC PromVodOtchistka - specialize in industrial and waste water treatment solutions 

For 15 years of experience:                      
• Water supply of hydroelectric and nuclear power plants                  
• Water treatment for compressor stations GAZPROM                  
• Water treatment plants for housing estates  and towns                
• Water purification for bacteriological laboratories  and more than 500 other projects                                                    

We manufacture:                       
• Filters                  
• Membrane units                   
• Treatment facilities                                       

Turnkey construction projects:                    
• Water supply projects                   
• Water treatment projects                                       

• Water supply                    
• Sewerage system                   
• 3D design and development                                                       

• Automation water plant systems and operational control                   
• Modernization and repair operation of AIPCS

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